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Imperial Technologies: Conveyor Systems for Bulk Materials

Imperial Technologies designs and provides high-quality conveyor systems for handling, preparing and transporting bulk materials. Systems range from simple conveyors to integrated, complex, custom-engineered systems for bulk materials transport using the most innovative, up-to-date solutions. In addition to unique equipment such as the Multi-Fold Conveyor, Flexi-Cleat Conveyor, Accelerator and the Angle of Repose Feeder, Imperial also provides standard overland conveyors, sidewall conveyors, radial and fixed stackers, drag conveyors and a variety of bulk materials handling equipment and services.

Drawing from over one hundred years of combined experience, Imperial's staff has a proven track record of successful project completions. We apply the most cost-effective, up-to-date approaches from in-field experiences and use of Imperial innovations to provide the best solution for each customer's bulk material handling requirements and maximize their return on investment.

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