Conveyor & Equipment Solutions

Bulk Materials Handling Equipment

Imperial designs, configures, retrofits and oversees project fulfillment of industrial conveyor systems and bulk materials handling solutions. We provide materials handling solutions for operations ranging from small companies to Fortune 500 companies.

Multi-Fold™ Conveyor System

The Multi-Fold Conveyor System is uniquely designed for steep angle and/or environmentally sensitive applications. The belt of this revolutionary yet simplistic system totally encloses the conveyed product.

Flexi-Cleat™ Conveyor System

Imperial's Flexi-Cleat is another unique solution for providing clean steep-angle conveying in the shortest distance between load-point and discharge. The Flexi-Cleat Conveyor is a new enclosed belt design that can be loaded.

The Imperial Accelerator™

The Ultimate Coal-Processing Machine. More than a breaker, more than a crusher, The Accelerator produce a higher quality, sized raw-coal product while piling up savings on operating costs and revenue enhancement.

ARF - Angle of Repose Feeder

The Angle of Repose Feeder is a rotary feeder for bulk materials that works in harmony with the natural flow of the materials being fed.

Belt-Way Belt Scales

Imperial is a supplier of Belt-Way Conveyor Belt Scales. We can supply, install, calibrate and service these trusted belt scales. The modular Belt-Way design is simple, yet versatile. The Belt-Way scale fits any size idler.