Belt-Way Conveyor Belt Scales

Imperial promotes Belt-Way Conveyor Belt Scales.  We can supply, install, calibrate and service these trusted belt scales.

Fits Any Width Conveyor
The modular Belt-Way design is simple, yet versatile.  The Belt-Way scale fits any width idler.

Easy Installation / Calibration
The unique Belt-Way design is easy to install on virtually any stationary or portable conveyor. Calibrate with the touch of a button using static test weights, or a material test.

The patented Belt-Way Load Cell Assemblies house OIML Certified Load Cells. Expected margin of error for a Single Idler Weighing System is +/-0.5%. Expected margin of error for a Dual Idler Weighing System is +/-0.25%. Expected accuracy is based on weight range of 25% to 100% of design capacity, when installed and calibrated according to Instruction Manual guidelines.

Advanced, Weatherproof Electronics
The Belt-Way Integrator (Control Box) features a state-of-the-art microporcessor and easy-to-read 4 line, 20 character, Vacuum Flourescent display. The weather-proof NEMA 4X enclosure provides excellent E.M.I. / R.F. resistance for reliable operation. Teh integrator is also fully CE approved. Power the Integrator with 110-220 VAC or 12-24 VDC. 4-20 mA, Digital Pulse, Serial Modbus Rtu, or Modbus TCP options are available.

Production Monitoring / Data Collection
The Belt-Way Integrator is equipped with an RS-232 communicaiton port to drive Remote Displays, Printers or other Serial Device.

The Integrator also includes a High-Speed NETWORK to interface with a PC, or Belt-Way Remote Display. The Belt-Way Data Collection Software provides data monitoring locally or via the Internet.

Wireless options for Modbus Serial RTU, aModbus TCP, and the Belt-Way Software are available.

Touchscreen Remote Display
Monitor production on site or via the Internet. Automatically generates a broad range of vital production reports.