Multi-Fold™ Advantages

Advantages For Owners

Product Containment and Control

  • Eliminate costly clean-up
  • Eliminate product loss and environmental concerns

Greater Productive Capacity

  • Carries more material for given trough width
  • Belt speeds comparable to most systems
  • Minimal maintenance cost

Advantages For Engineers


Multi-Fold Follows Topography & Negotiates Steep Angle Conveying

  • Shortens conveyor length
  • Eliminates costly transfers and additional conveyor length
  • Less support structure
  • Minimal site grading
  • Reduced installation cost

Belt Curve Radii Can Be Reduced


Increased Volume Capacity Compared To Conventional Belt On Same Width Idlers


Easy To Retrofit Existing Conveyor Systems with Minimal Downtime

Advantages For Operators

Simplistic Design Makes Service and Maintenance Easy

Eliminates Spillage, Product Loss, Blow-Off, Messy Carryback & Costly Clean-Up


Flaps Operate Like Moving Skirt Boards

  • Material loads into belt rather than onto belt


Patented Idler Brackets Make For Easy Idler Adjustment and Replacement

  • Belt-tracking problems eliminated


Multi-Fold Overview
Multi-Fold Technical Information