The Imperial Accelerator: Advantages

The Accelerator provides for the separation of rock out of the raw feed, producing sized, cleaner coal.

By lowering the coal's sulfur and ash content, the Accelerator, with combined secondary screen, increases the dollar/ton value as the coal comes out of the mine. Also, this cleaner coal product may increase a preparation plant's throughput capacity.

cleaner coal
Eight Benefits of the Accelerator

  • Lower operating costs
  • Big energy savings
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Wash-plant efficiency and throughput enhanced
  • Less fines than some crushers
  • Higher quality product brings higher price
  • Change settings to suit seam being mined (handles hard coals with ease)
  • Recovers marginal coal that would otherwise be discarded
The Accelerator fractures coal to a uniform 2" x 0 size product but does not fracture the less friable 2+ impurities. This allows for easy separation of the oversized reject, leaving a better quality, sized coal product as compared to crushing alone.


The Accelerator can be efficiently "tuned in" to the coal being processed. In fact, the Accelerator is the only coal sizer that can be selectively set up to each coal seam by simply turning a dial, with variable adjustments for all coal types- from very soft to very hard coals.

Accelerator vs. Crusher              Accelerator vs. Rotary Breaker

While the Accelerator with screening is designed to separate impurities from coal at the reduction process, crushers only reduce the entire combined raw feed to a selected size without any improvement in coal quality.

Incurring high energy and maintenance costs, crushers use brute force to squeeze/smash the entire (coal and refuse) combined feed, including foreign debris. Crushing rock requires more horsepower and produces more wear than fracturing the softer coal away from the harder impurities.

The rotary breaker's "drop shatter" and tumbling principles work well on soft grind coals. However, the Accelerator fractures not only soft coals more efficiently, but also harder or even frozen coals effectively. Field studies have shown that utilizing the Accelerator produces a cleaner raw-sized product than rotary breakers.


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