Bulk Materials Handling Equipment

bulk materials handling

Imperial designs, configures, retrofits and oversees project fulfillment of industrial conveyor systems and bulk materials handling solutions. We have provided equipment for loading and unloading barges, dome storage feed systems, reclaim conveyor systems and a wide variety of other bulk materials handling solutions.

We provide bulk materials handling solutions for operations ranging from small companies to Fortune 500 companies. We partner with our clients to develop the most cost-effective, highest quality solution for each particular application, whether your needs are a complex integrated handling system or a single piece of equipment.

Imperial's design specialists utilize computers with AutoCAD and SolidWorks software for structural/civil design, mechanical arrangements and equipment details.

As pioneers of bulk materials handling technology, Imperial Conveying Systems remains committed to developing new and reliable products, delivering quality, and providing outstanding service to our industrial customers.

Imperial can provide the following elements individually or integrated into a complex system, depending on our customers' individual needs:

Multi-Fold Enclosing, Steep Angle Conveyors             Full Integrated Bulk Materials Delivery Systems
Flexi-Cleat Steep Angle Conveyors Rotary Distributors
Accelerator Weighing Systems
Angle Of Repose Rotary Feeders Process Equipment Integration
Trough Conveyors - Truss, Gallery Overland Bulk Materials Storage & Distribution Systems
Sidewall Conveyors Breakers
Slider Bed Conveyors Bulk Feeders
Radial & Fixed Stacker Conveyors

Tripper Conveyors