Bulk Materials Handling Equipment Design

Imperial is positioned on the leading edge of bulk materials handling technology. We remain committed to delivering quality solutions with outstanding service to our customers, as well as developing new and reliable products to meet our customers' varying materials handling needs.

Bulk material handling, conveyor systemWe serve as a critical member of your team, whether you are an end user, engineering firm or equipment supplier. Our flexibility to work in a variety of capacities pulling together multiple disciplines to fill your requirements, is one of our many strengths.

To fulfill these commitments, Imperial's experienced employees design and detail all aspects of each conveyor system on powerful, up to date PC technology using AutoCAD and SolidWorks software. While most of our equipment details are in 2-D, we also have the capability to work in 3-D whenever your situation dictates. We can work with whatever you provide, whether paper drawings or electronic files. Or, if necessary, we can obtain our own field measurements to assist in providing you with the best solution feasible.

Our quality control program assures correctness and completeness of work throughout the process. Close attention and thoroughness up front, and during the entire job, saves valuable time and resources when equipment arrives in the field.

Try Imperial's technical crew on your next material handling project.