Multi-Fold™ Conveyor System

bulk material transporting, conveyor belt

The Multi-Fold™ Conveyor System is uniquely designed for bulk material transporting on steep angle and/or environmentally sensitive applications. The belt of this revolutionary yet simplistic system totally encloses the conveyed product. This is accomplished by the use of two flexible hinging areas that allow the belt cover flaps to fold over and contain the material.

The Multi-Fold provides for a decrease in dust generation, product spillage, product contamination and carry-back. It also greatly increases conveyor belt capacity for the same width idlers compared to a conventional belt.

Elimination of transfer stations and expensive support structures while providing efficient conveyor systems operation in steeper and varying terrain environments.

While the capabilities of the Multi-Fold make it superior to conventional conveyor systems, the benefits are achieved to a large extent through the use of conventional, proven conveyor components. These include idlers, pulleys, motors and reducers.

Components of the system which are unique to Imperial Conveying Systems include its idler bracket assemblies that hold the idlers which support and guide the Multi-Fold belting itself. See diagram below.

Volumetric capacity is dramatically increased over conventional belts on similarly sized structures.
Vulcanized splices are typically used with the Multi-Fold belt for flexibility and continuous sealing.

"We would recommend your services and your Multi-Fold system to any similar facility for bottom ash and conditioned ash conveying."
            Richard H., Plant Engineer