The Imperial Accelerator: Technical Information

The Accelerator dry processes coal on the principle that coal is more "friable" than impurities associated with the coal.



The Accelerator's flexible chain mounted rotor/flail assembly and primary scalping grizzly, shown above left.

The Accelerator contains two sets of impact grids that are reversible and interchangeable to increase wear life, shown above right.

How the Accelerator Works

Accelerator shown integrated with
screen for separation of reject

The Accelerator reduces oversize 10" x 2" raw coal to a more uniform- 2" product by accelerating raw feed against two series of pointed impact- sizing grids. Upon entering the Accelerator, the raw material passes across a scalping grizzly to bypass 1 ½" material, eliminating additional unnecessary size reduction in the breaking process.

The remaining material is then propelled by the first of two independently controlled, variable- speed rotor/flail assemblies into pointed impact-sizing grids. Coal that has fractured to a 1 ½" size then passes through a second scalping grizzly, while the remaining material is hurled by the second rotor/flail assembly into another set of impact grids.

The operator controls the speed of each rotor to accelerate the material at the minimum velocity needed to fracture coal without breaking the less friable, oversize impurities- rock, shale, bone, sulfur balls, pyritic sulfur, partings, etc.- that are in or associated with the coal seam. The Accelerator is also efficient in separating out other foreign material associated with mining, such as wood, plastic, and steel. These impurities are then rejected across a vibrating screen.

The result is a 2" x 0 product with lower ash and higher BTU, which may be sold as is, blended with other coals to make a more salable product or if a preparation plant is utilized, significantly increase plant efficiency and reduce plant cleaning costs per ton.

Accelerator Overview
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